Our Work

The UNT Policy Office facilitates accurate, timely, and efficient policy development, review and dissemination. The UPO supports UNT's strategic plan and mission by enhancing the university's operational effectiveness with policies that can be easily understood and successfully implemented with relevant training and compliance mechanisms. UNT policies shall reflect the university's academic mission and vision and comply with federal and state laws, UNT System Board of Regents rules and UNT System regulations. Procedures developed to implement these policies shall be clear and efficient. Policies and procedures may be revised or deleted at any time, at the sole discretion of the university.

Please visit the UNT Policy Office's website, which allows you to search for policies and offers additional resources. Click here to visit the website.

Guiding Principles

The following principles serve to anchor the values, behavior and decision making of the University Policy Office.

The UNT Policy Office will:    

  • Collaborate with faculty, staff and student stakeholders to develop policies that take into account the needs of the UNT community
  • Keep a customer service focus by providing assistance to those who seek to develop policies or who need clarity on policies
  • Offer feedback and review for proposed policies
  • Provide support throughout the policy process and resources for those who seek to create new policies
  • Communicate the latest updates to policies or new policies that impact UNT students, faculty and staff
  • Maintain the policy website to provide updated information on UNT policies