Our Work

The communications strategy team within Administrative Services supports the Division of Finance and Administration by facilitating internal communications within the division’s departments and with the UNT community. We develop customer-focused communication plans, and provide editorial, multi-media and communications support to the division’s departments. We help the departments target their message to key audiences in order to keep the UNT campus and external community informed.

We also work with departments to help employees communicate better with each other. We know that better internal communication leads to more efficiency and to engaged employees who feel appreciated. Our aim is to support the strengths of our employees and allow them to better see those strengths. 

Together, the communications strategy team and division staff create messaging that promotes UNT’s mission and provides the university community with clear information about division operations. We highlight the strong assets we have on campus and the employees who are dedicated to making UNT a great place to learn, work and visit.

Guiding Principles

The following principles serve to anchor the values, behavior and decision making of communication strategy within Administrative Services.

The strategist will:

  • Highlight the division’s strongest assets and the accomplishments of staff
  • Support division and departmental initiatives
  • Identify ways to enhance communication and develop reciprocal relationships within the division and with the university community
  • Create communications with the goals of transparency and the needs of the community in mind
  • Use best practices, assessment tools, and research and data from the university community to ensure effective communication and meet audience needs
  • Ensure that messaging is consistent and in compliance with university policies and procedures, and supports the mission of UNT
  • Coordinate communication strategy across the division departments and in collaboration with other areas of the university